Texas BeyBlade League 

Supported By UTD Chapter of The National Society of Black Engineers

NSBE 2019 @ SMU - Dallas, Texas

9th Annual Awards Banquet

Recipients of 2019

The Courtney De’Andre Mayes Chairman’s Award

Vanessa Webb - Jesus Vela - Kori Harlan - Trey Harrison

Martin Shaw - Spencer Manns - Murtaza Joher

Arush Singh - Michael Ramirez

(photo left to right)

Trey Harrison  -  Kori Harlan  -  Vanessa Webb

FOR Dedication to the Texas Beyblade League

AND THE Love Of Beyblading

When the Beyblade Initiate was created an Institute for SPIN Technology was formed to develop a program of informal science and math learning based on Beyblading concepts of play. The Texas Beyblade league was established under the institute to create a dynamic place for students to develop and apply their practical knowledge through playing Beyblades and to have fun. Spencer Manns became Director of the Institute and Courtney De’Andre Mayes became the Chairman of the Texas Beyblade League.

Courtney developed the league by challenging every player to become better through mental, physical, and emotional toughness. He demonstrated how working hard to achieve a win brings internal rewards that can equal self-determination as well as fun. When we lost Courtney to a heart attack two years ago, there was a question as to the future of the league. The members of the institute stepped up and guaranteed its survival and this year we had our most expansive year ever.

We did a kid’s birthday party. A STEM educational activity for a family reunion. We were invited to participate in Texas Instrument’s “Bring Your Child to Work Day” and the Dallas citywide “Moon Day” at the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field. We were commissioned to do the district wide Fall STEM event by Lancaster ISD. Students from 5th grade to 8th grade were bused in to do Beyblades with us and the Tiger Engineering Club – NSBE Junior Chapter. UTD NSBE won ‘Diversity Chapter of the Year” based on the strength of the Texas Beyblade League that welcomes the community to UT Dallas. In addition, we provided competitions for the pre-college students at the NSBE Fall Regional Conference held in Dallas.

We honor those dedicated institute members that have worked tirelessly and dedicated their time and efforts to the Texas Beyblade League and like our former Chairman, Courtney Mayes, demonstrate a real love of Beyblading.