Texas BeyBlade League 

Supported By UTD Chapter of The National Society of Black Engineers

Beyblade Club Support

The Texas Beyblade League is continuing to improve and add to our clubs and programs. Support includes but is not limited to:

- Currently, starting an official club is free 

- Gaining access to various support packages including beyblades, arenas, promotional materials, and unique club items as they are developed

- Exclusive Club subscription will become available offering clubs news, STEM related info, and meeting activities

- Bey Bit articles in the League's official newsletter adding value to club perspectives

- Limited active coaching and/or Facilitation from TBBL Officials

- Potential Club Events and/or Sponsorship support

- Future member deals and special activities 

Club Booster Starter Pack is now available for $95.00

If you are part of an official club then get in touch with your TBBL club coordinator to receive a club pack discount.

The Club Booster Starter Pack is an assorted random lot of metal fight and burst beyblades that gives a starting club some options to optimize and craft game strategies and individual beyblade builds. This pack includes the Metal Fight and Burst beyblades which are the two generations of beyblades that the TBBL supports competitions for. 

Beyblade Booster Lot (Random)($95.00) Item List:

-3x Metal Fight Beyblades (1 Attack / 1 Defense / 1 Stamina)

-3x Burst Beyblades (1 Attack / 1 Defense / 1 Stamina)

-2x Metal Fight Launchers + Rip Cords

-2x Burst Launchers + Rip Cords

-6x Extra Metal Fight Tips

Note: All beyblade parts will be random with each part being evenly spread between Attack type, Defense type, and Stamina type beyblades.

To Purchase the Club Booster Starter Pack:

Contact your TBBL official to acquire the packs directly via the TBBL events.