Texas BeyBlade League 

Supported By UTD Chapter of The National Society of Black Engineers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a beyblade club?

No, we are not a beyblade club. We are a university supported organization that hosts and manage beyblade events and activities. We support other beyblade related groups and are building on an outreach program to create, support, and manage clubs for our major events throughout the Dallas Metroplex.

How can we join?

All you have to do to join us is come and attend our events when we have them. You can also be involved with our social media by joining our Facebook group (Texas Beyblade League) and checking out the links in the community page of our website.

Do we need to sign up or register to attend?

Yes. The majority of our events are sign up on site to participate. Sign ups happen at each of our events. Registration as a member of the league happens on your first visit to our event per season. In the following season you will have to register again.

What is the age range for these events?

All ages are welcome. We do host other themed or specific events like sessions, birthdays, panels, tournaments, challenges, etc. For more specific events there will be activities and information for kids, teens, young adults, and/or adults. However our seasonal tournaments welcome everyone. The majority of participants are kids, but age ranges varies throughout a season.

Is this a competitive league?

Yes. Our competitive attitude is build on fun and learning. Though everything we do is fun and involving, the learning aspect is approached with improvement and professionalism in mind. There are also prizes to win.

What type of beyblades are allowed?

We do two types of beyblade tournaments. Metal Fight/Masters and Burst.

How often do you have events?

We officially meet four times a year, though we also do many beyblade related events throughout the year.

How long are the events?

Usually 3-4hrs. Other events/activities we host can range from 20 minutes to all day endeavors.

How long are the beyblade seasons?

A season is as long as a school semester. The breakdown is Spring Season then Fall Season.

Where do the tournaments normally take place?

Our normal season tournaments take place at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).

Are there any other cost besides the beyblade and/or activity fee?

No. Any other cost would be optional (example: vending machine, food, buy a t-shirt etc.)

How can I support this?

You can donate. You can get involved with our social media. You can volunteer. You can provide food to volunteers. If you have any ideas on improving what we do then don't hesitate to get in touch. You can also help others get involved. 

Big one here: You can sponsor a club or team. Sponsorship could be as simple as providing a place for them to practice. Supporting our beyblade community is the best way to support us. So most of all, help support each other.