Texas BeyBlade League 

Supported By UTD Chapter of The National Society of Black Engineers


Despite many set backs, hold ups, and losses throughout the pandemic the Texas Beyblade League has now overcome and is rising up to host an all new series of Beyblade qualifying tournaments though a revamped seasonal format. All of this is starting with our Summer SEASON OF THE PHOENIX. 


The first round of each tournament will have a qualifying activity that the participants will have to battle though in order to progress to the next stage of the tournament. The focus of this season is SURVIVAL, so the qualifying activity will be a survival round where multiple bladers will battle within a stadium at the same time. The first blader to gain two victories by being the last one spinning will move on to battle the other survivors in the 1v1 elimination part of the tournament. Once everyone has been eliminated we will have our tournament winner.

Event Details

Activity Details
Beyblade Burst Tournament (1st round being a Survival Qualifier Round)
Beyblade Challenge (Metal Fight version available)
Beyblade Free Battle
Club Feature Challenge
Tournament and Challenge Prizes

All standard TBBL Rules apply (For Rules Page: Click Here)
The survival round will follow the Survival Format Guideline to eliminate bladers.
Tournament will follow the TBBL Burst Ruleset and be a Semi-Locked Tournament (Participants can have a small number of beyblades they can use to switch between the rounds if they progress though the tournament)

This is a bring your own burst beyblade event, however Judges will have standard beys to lend per round if a participant's beyblade is malfunctioning, damaged, a non burst bey, or has illegal parts.
At the start of a match the participants will have to present their beyblade to the judge and opponent to show that it can burst and its parts are legal.  
See the TBBL Burst Ruleset for parts and restrictions.

Safety and Procedure
The COVID-19 situation is now a focused concern with the TBBL. These events will have limited attendance, spaced out accommodations, and sanitation materials present. The wearing of masks is encouraged for all observers and participants within the facility. All participants will be required to use the sanitation wipes provided by the TBBL Staff when they both enter and leave the activity zone.
Space management is used to limit person to person contact in order to keep the event safe and running smoothly. To promote cleanliness and safety please follow all the instructions of our TBBL Staff in regards to sanitation, positioning, and the wearing of mask.
If you or any attendees within your group have had contact with a Covid-19 case within 3 weeks prior to one of these events then please do not attend. Get well soon and if cleared by your medical professional then consider attending a later TBBL Event. There will be other tournaments, events, and seasons.

Blackstone Launchpad at UT DALLAS

2830 Rutford Ave, Richardson, TX 75080
Directions: (CLICK HERE)

This Blackstone Launchpad is attached to the five story parking lot structure. The 5th floor of the structure is all green parking which is for visitors and can be parked in with no pass or issue.

July 9th / July 23rd / August 6th / August 20th

10 am - 12 pm

Tournament Participation: $20 per person
Observer/Chaperone: $10 per person

Online Registration and Verification Code is required to gain access.
 After payment you will receive a digital code that can be scanned at the event to check in.
Clubs can register using the promo code provided in the club subscription for additional event perks.

This is a limited Access Event so the total number of people allowed is caped.

There are only
20 community participants slots per event.
And only 20 official club participant slots per event.
Online registration and verification code is required to gain entry as these events are RSVP only.

Due to the limited nature of these events the registration link will become active below here 2 weeks before each event. Also participants should not register for back to back events so that other members of the TBBL Community will be allowed an opportunity to attend one of the tournaments this season. 

<Status = Open until July 9th>