Texas BeyBlade League 

Supported By UTD Chapter of The National Society of Black Engineers

Rules of Conduct

1)>>   All members must be respectful of themselves, others, all property, and authority.

2)>>   No horseplay, no brutality, no hitting, shoving or poking people during or outside of play.

3)>>   Don't swing or throw blades around or other materials and/or tools randomly.

4)>>   Conduct yourself in a sportsman like manner at all times.

5)>>   During all games follow game rules.

6)>>   Understand we are a recreational organization for learning and fun.

Rules of Play

Beyblade Metal Fight/Fury/Masters Rules 

Click Here: TBBL Metal Ruleset

Beyblade Burst Rules

Click Here: TBBL Burst Ruleset

Competition Formats

Tournament Format Types

 • Single Elimination 

   1v1 matches where the winner moves to the next round (Standard Format for TBBL) 

 • Round Robin 

    All participants face each other participant and the number of wins are tallied

 • Survival Royale

   Multiple bladers battle at once to be the last one standing and advance (Standard bye rounds for the TBBL)

   (Survival Format Guideline)

Group Game Formats 

 • V-Style aka Tag Team Match

   Teams match opposing bladers to gain the most game victories for the team 

 • Continuous aka Team Line Up 

   Teams line up bladers who have to battle to eliminate opposing line of bladers one at a time 

 • Strike Style aka Tag Team Battle

   All participants battle within the same match to be the last blade spinning for the team 

 • Squad Battle aka Team Clash 

   Teams select a representative one game at a time to gain enough points and win the match